PlanetGameCube & GameCubeHeaven report, courtesy of Game-Science, that Nintendo Dream(the incredibly rocking Japanese gaming mag has new info on Nintendo's upcoming titles and hardware. In a nutshell:
  • Nintendo DS will be playable at E3.
  • Several new GBA & GCN titles will be unveiled at E3.
  • Some GBA & GCN software will be announced even before E3.
  • Commercials for Kirby's next forray into Gameboydom started running March 13.
  • "Zelda Four Swords +" will be a complete single-player experience as well as multiplayer.
  • The Famicom Mini series of games seems to have gotten many older gamers interested in the GBA.
  • Shiggy has been invited to take part in a panel discussion regarding "Video games' cultural significance" at the Smithsonian Institute.
    Other points of interest, Nintendo Japan's GBA SP body color changing program has become so popular, they can't fulfil all the orders fast enough, you can only have one Pokemon Colloseum save per card (in order to keep the "excitement in the game :| ) and Pikmin 2's commercial is for some reason "Top Secret". Goodness knows why, but the game is certainly looking good.
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