Bill Maher Opines On Bush's 9/11 Actions

Thanks to Michael Moore's Webiste I was able to find an editorial by Bill Maher in the NY Daily News, criticizing President Bush's actions on the morning of September 11, 2001. Perhaps the height of the piece came when Maher compared the Shrub to the Forrest (Gump that is):

He was "gathering his thoughts." This was a moment a President should have imagined a thousand times. There is no time in the nuclear age for a President to sit like Forrest Gump "gathering thoughts" after an attack has begun. Gathering information is what he should have been doing.

Maher even states that Bush not only wasted 7 minutes in the classroom, but 20 more at a photo-op afterward, news to myself. Anyone got links to verification on that fact? Regardless, excellent comments from a man who takes no prisoners, Democrat or Republican. Bill Maher may be an asshole at times, but he calls `em like he sees `em, and I'm seeing this one just like him.
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