Democrats Claim Bush "Wrap[ping Self] In 9/11"

Just a couple of weeks before the RNC starts, people, and a group of New York Democrats are stating the obvious:

"The Republicans chose to hold their convention here, I think most of us believe, to continue the political exploitation of 9/11, which this administration started almost immediately after 9/11," said Rep. Jerold Nadler, whose congressional district in Manhattan includes the site where the World Trade Center once stood.

*GASP* You mean they mean to garner political gain from all those people who died at the hands of foreigners? Indeed, such seems to be the case. CNN even pointed out that this is the first time they have ever nominated the party's candidate in NYC. I guess if there was precedence for this sort of thing I'd understand, but obviously, holding the convention there does seem politically motivated.
In Related News:Several families of 9//1's victims have spoken out against how the current administration is handling national intelligence.

"As their heated debate continued over money and responsibilities," she testified, "al Qaeda was already here in the U.S., lying in wait, fully embedded and prepared to kill 3,000 innocent people." Her voice rising, Breitweiser said, "If that does not illustrate how off-the-mark our military and intelligence community was in the months leading up to 9/11, I don't know what does."

The words of people disenfranchised with their current goverment and longing for a change. I think we can all be certain which way New York will go in the Election.
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