Father Mourns Son's Demise

This is just the kind of reminder we need. People are dying in Iraq. They die to give "freedom" to the Iraqis. The Iraqi people aren't living all that different from how they did two years ago. Furthermore, no "freedom" should cost the lives of 1,000 Americans and over 14,000 Iraqis. Not in this day and age. This father is having to bury his own son, after having a friend die in his arms in Vietnam.

"You wanted me to be proud of you," an emotional Tom Titus, wearing his medals on his vest, said in his eulogy. "I just want to say to my child that this is the proudest dad in the whole world."

...Brandon's enlistment two years ago upset his father, who exchanged sharp words with both his son and the army recruiter. Amid his grief, the father has now turned against the war.

"I shouldn't be burying him, he should be burying me," he said in a sometimes tearful interview. "The war is not worth it now. We need to get the hell out of there."

Powerful words from a man who fully understands the consequences of this war. President Bush has lost no one close to him. He has attended no funerals. He'd rather pretend none of this ever happened. Is that who we need as our leader?
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