McCain Moves On

Proving that John Kerry isn't the only "flip-flopper" visible this election year, John McCain has had a change of heart. McCain was extremely critical of the Bush campaign just weeks ago; he was Bush's bitter rival in the 2000 election; he was destroyed through push-polls (handled by the Bush campaign) that alleged he had an illegitimate black child. That, it appears, is just water under the proverbial bridge.

In a prime-time speech on the opening night of his party's convention, McCain heartily endorsed the Iraq and anti-terrorism policies of his 2000 rival for the White House. Bush is particularly vulnerable over his invasion of Iraq, and the Arizonan's support gave Bush the stamp of approval of a Vietnam War hero who enjoys broad backing from independents and some moderate Democrats.

Read the full story here. How can a man who was even courted by John Kerry as a possible running mate, who defended Kerry's Vietnam record, heartily endorse a candidate seemingly converse to everything he stands for? Four syllables - Partisanship. Apparently, thanks to the divided system we live in today, it's impossible for a party representative, Republican or Democrat, to just sit back and stay silent. Goodness knows it would have just killed John McCain to lay back and endorse neither candidate, claiming differences on both sides. Some have claimed he and Kerry were "friends" in the senate, so we can certainly see why he chose not to take the bi-partisan route and endorse the Democratic ticket. I guess I just don't understand...
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