Negativity Reigns

In this story on CNN, Sentator John McCain has condemned the Bush-Cheney campaign for allowing an ad he described as "...dishonest and dishonorable, adding "I deplore this kind of politics." The ad is a deliberate attack on the military record of John Kerry, painting him as a sub-par soldier who didn't deserve his many honors. "When the chips were down, you could not count on John Kerry," a statment from Larry Thurlow, a man who didn't even serve on Kerry's boat but claims he'd witnessed Kerry's true actions. McCain insists his ire isn't related to similar ads the Bush campaign ran against him in 2000. He insisted that the White House condemn the ads. Thurlow was quoted as saying, "What we have is a fabrication that led to Kerry getting his Bronze Star and his last Purple Heart." So, I suppose, if this fellow who was in a Swift Boat 50 yards out, in the midst of battle, is somehow true those other 2 purple hearts don't count?!
John McCain always proves he's the best Republican out there. Too bad Dumbya used dirty tactics to beat him in the primaries.
Proving JUST how similar this is to the Farenheit 9/11 release, here's a post from the repubs claiming that dems are trying to PRESSURE stations not to air it, claiming it's "libelous". Well, in all honesty, it is. NOTHING backs this up other than opinions. F9/11 had video and news stories. None of this is news or fact, until someone who served with Kerry speaks up.
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