Nintendo Drops Megaton On Late-Adopters

Seems that sometimes it pays to be late to the party. Anyone who hasn't gotten a GCN yet has several good reasons for doing so now. According to PGC Nintendo will soon be unleashing the Metroid Prime Gamecube Bundle. Items included would be:
Not bad for a mere $99, same as the stand-alone console. I would wonder how PS2 and XBox will counter this offer. M$, obviously, could drop the Halo bundle to $149.99 easily, since it now only stands at $169.99. But, I'm thinking they won't, since people will always shell out money for that goofy game. Sony, on the other hand, seems to have discontinued their practice of offering ATV Offroad 2 with the Online bundle. At least at my store they have, as all we've gotten of late are standard PS2s and the old online bundles, pre-atv-packin.

I might take this time to note that I was also informed that PS2s and Xboxes will be in short supply through september. Why, I'll never know but it's literally been just as bad as the GCN was late last year, though not as visible, since people aren't even out to buy consoles this time of year. Wonder what's up with the shortage? It seems to be more than Target, as I've had guests come in complaining they've looked "everywhere" for PS2s...
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