RNC Brings Out The Best In NYC

CNN is reporting on the NYC protests against the impending Republican National Convention. Led by Michael Moore & Reverend Jessee Jackson, approxmately 200,000 people marched the streets of New York, met only by a meager response from the republican's blindly chanting "four more years." Four more years? They want for more years of hell! (thanks teresa) Here's what Moore and Jackson had to say:

"We are the majority," filmmaker Michael Moore told the crowd.

"A majority of this country opposes this war ... a majority of this country never voted for this administration."

Leslie Cagan, national coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, said the message revolves around the word "no."

"We are saying 'no' to the Bush agenda, 'no' to the war in Iraq, 'no' to the regime change by our government, 'no' to pre-emptive war, 'no' to the economic policies," Cagan said.

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and Moore led the protest march as it began on Seventh Avenue.

"We have an obligation to speak out until we can raise our heads above the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan," Jackson said.

"No weapons of mass destruction, we seek to rationalize the war. We challenge Mr. Bush to choose another course."

Ladies and gentlemen, we're just getting started. Four more days of the same are in order. Make sure and tune into the Daily Show all this week as they'll be covering the previous nights events in hilarious detail.
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