Rumsfeld Takes Abu Ghraib Heat

Tuesday, a group looking into accusations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison suggested that a failure of leadership from the chain of command starting with Rumsfeld was responsible for conditions that lead to the bizzare prisoner abuse cases that have surfaced. Thanks to Yahoo for the story, posted late tuesday evening:

"Command failures were compounded by poor advice provided by staff officers with responsibility for overseeing battlefield functions related to detention and interrogation operations," said the report, commissioned by Rumsfeld in May.

It should be noted that the report indicated that direct responsibility still lay with field officers who showed little interest in how prisoners were being mistreated. The report continues:

"Military and civilian leaders at the Pentagon share this burden of responsibility."

I have to ask, does any good news come out regarding the current White House administration anymore? I'm not sure when I last heard of them doing something positive or not being called to task for some sort of mismanagement. What a world...
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