Bush Draws Record Contributions

President George Bush, took in a record $259 million in donations during the primaries, a time when he didn't even have an opponent:

...Mr. Bush began this month with $75 million of his own public financing, while Mr. Kerry had about $62 million left in his account, according to a report filed by the Kerry campaign with the Federal Election Commission.

Mr. Bush's report is among the final documentation of fund-raising in the primary season by the two candidates. The two campaigns and the party committees that support them collected more than $1 billion and set myriad fund-raising records, even as they operated under the new McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, which gets its first test this year.

While the new law banned candidates and political parties from collecting the unlimited "soft money" contributions that were once a cornerstone of presidential election financing, it also doubled to $2,000 the amount that an individual can contribute to a presidential campaign.

I have always found it ironic that Shrub complains about campaign finance reform, 527s, etc, yet he is the one setting all the records that prove we need reform. I can hear him right now, "Somebody stop me, please, I just can't stop making money!" Indeed, this type of money can buy you a lot of things. For instance, it could buy you billions in medicare dollars if you're insurance or drug companies. Or, let's say you're a multi-national corporation who deals in war-time services? Perhaps you'd like a little something as well? Dick Cheney has it covered. Big ups to GeorgeWBuy, blog of Campaign Money Watch for the clips and for keeping it truthful.
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