Bush "Proud" of Guard Service

As ironic as it might be, since serious questions have been raised about his guard duty, President Bush found himself speaking before the National Guard Association, Tuesday. Many had wondered how Bush would approach the subject of his Guard duty, wondering if he would completely ignore the issue or would attack those who had attempted to discredit him. Bush stated that he was exteremly proud of his National Guard service, pointing out that he was but one of 19 US Presidents who had served in the Guard. However, the subject on everyone's mind was brought up:

...[Bush] sought to deflect questions about his Vietnam-era service by turning the subject to what he said were rival John Kerry's equivocations on the war in Iraq.

"What's critical is that the president of the United States speak clearly and consistently at this time of great threat in our world, and not change positions because of expediency or pressure," Bush told his applauding audience in a speech to the National Guard Association of the United States.

Excellent strategy; don't discuss your side at all, just complain about what a "flip-flopper" John Kerry is. Certainly it doesn't matter if his mind was changed thanks to information that we were misinformed regarding Iraq's capabilities and the threat they posed to Americans. A President should never back down, that would be a sign of weakness. Yahoo! even did some chastising of Bush on their own:

He said Kerry and Edwards later voted against money for the war, not mentioning that his own administration once threatened a veto of the funding measure or that Kerry had supported one version of the bill. He noted that Kerry has both called for more money for Iraq and asserted that Bush has squandered money there that could be spent in the United States.

Indeed, his own administration threatened to veto the funding measure. Just as Kerry refused to sign the measure once it was watered down with Bush's tack-ons. Of course, that sort of thing never comes out of the President's mouth and rarely even gets out through the mainstream media. I find it quite interesting that this AP writer felt the need to mention that fact, as pertinent as it may be. Perhaps he's finally fed up with all the hypocrisy coming out of the Bush campaign. WARNING: hypocrisy follows:

After casting his rival as indecisive, Bush said, "Our troops, our friends and our allies, and our enemies, must know where America stands and that America will stand firm. We cannot waver because our enemies will not waver."

It is a major part of Bush's re-election strategy to convince voters, especially those wary of his economic and Iraq policies, that he is the only candidate in the race steady enough to lead the nation at war.

Kerry said the troubles in Iraq prove that Bush is not that candidate. "Just today, the president stood up ... and just glosses over Iraq as if everything is just fine. But you know and I know, Americans know and the world knows ... that the situation in Iraq is worse, not better. That whole parts of Iraq are in the control of terrorists," Kerry said at a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio.

Indeed, tuesday was an extremely grim day in Iraq:

Guerrillas bombed a Baghdad shopping street full of police recruits and fired on a police van north of the capital Tuesday in attacks that killed at least 59 people and struck at the heart of the U.S. strategy for fighting Iraq's escalating insurgency.

Yeah, I'm of the opinion that once you stop attacking the "occupiers" and start taking out your own people exclusively, you're officially f'ed. Strangely, Bush never mentions any of this in his speeches, since that'd indicate that perhaps a change of plans is required. Of course, then we'd look like we were wavering, which would be just horrible. I guess Bush forgot not to waver when he said the war on terror "can't be won."
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