Caught on Film

Ran into this nice article that's hosted at the House of Representatives website. The article, called "Caught on Film" compares Bush's photo-op events, his statements on certain issues and the reality of how he acted on each of them. Take, for instance, his stance on Medicare:

Bush Rhetoric: “Within that budget I proposed last night is a substantial increase in Medicare funding of $400 billion on top of what we already spend, over the next 10 years. This is a commitment that America must make to our seniors. A reformed and strengthened Medicare system, plus a healthy dosage of Medicare spending in the budget, will make us say firmly, we fulfilled our promise to the seniors of America.” – Bush, 1/29/03

Reality: Under Bush’s proposal, there should be a roughly $40 billion increase in Medicare each year for a decade. However, Bush’s 2004 budget proposes just $6 billion – 85% less than what would be needed to meet his goal. Additionally, his budget would leave 67% of the total $400 billion pledge to be spent after 2008. [Bush Budget, pg. 318]

There's a lot of other good stuff on the page, and I feel that it's an excellent visual tool as well. Shows how Bush always tries to put himself in excellent photo-op situations, like using a table saw on labor day and surveying projects in Atlanta. Granted most any politician usually does the same, but it's interesting to see, nonetheless. Politics has become a nasty business and it's sad to see that politicians feel they have to put a friendly face on everything.
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