Colin Powell Concedes Iraq Blunders

Colin Powell, speaking to Panamanian News, said that perhaps the US had underestimated the size of the Iraqi insurgence:

''What we have to do is to defeat this insurgency,'' Powell said in an interview Wednesday in Panama to Panama's TVN Channel 2. A text was released Thursday by the State Department. ''Let's remember what is causing this trouble. It's not the United States. It's not the coalition forces that are there.''

He conceded that ''it is clear we did not expect an insurgency that would be this strong.''

Let's be fair: The Iraqi's wouldn't be causing such trouble if the United States and the "coalition forces" hadn't come in the first place. So to say we aren't part of it is selling the idea a bit short. But, certainly, it must be noted that we aren't rioting and causing trouble, the Iraqis are. But then, I don't think anyone had to be reminded of that.

Included in this story was a blurb that the Pentagon today announced 975 Americans have been killed in Iraqi operations and over 7,000 injured. That's a lot of injuries and deaths people. Keep the soldiers in your thoughts. It's obviously not getting much better over there.
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