Franken Fight's For Kerry

Al Franken: comedian, author & all around good Jew was stumping for our man Kerry in Iowa today. Referring to VP Cheney's comments last tuesday about America being attacked again, Franken had this to say:

"He's [Cheney] going to announce tomorrow that if Iowa goes for Kerry, al-Qaida will hit Ottumwa with a nuke," Franken said in a telephone interview with the Associated Press. "He'll say that increased chatter says that if Kerry wins, terrorists will hit Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Florida and any state in which the Democrats pick up a Senate seat.

... Franken, a Minnesota native, spoke before about 200 people from a city park gazebo in the heavily blue collar community with a Cargill meatpacking plant and a John Deere farm implement factory.

Southeastern Iowa counties have some of the state's highest unemployment numbers, and Franken assailed the Bush administration's job record.

"They've lost almost a million jobs. They haven't created one new net job. The numbers don't lie. If Bush and Cheney had run this country from its very inception, not one American would have worked," Franken said. "We'd all be hunter-gatherers."

I love Al Franken, let me get that out of the way. But I also think it's a brilliant idea to put someone like him out before one of the Repubs comes in. Of course, speeches like this are generally just "preaching to the choir," but any publicity is good publicity. Plus, Franken is likely to sound more believable than Cheney anyday.
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