Kerry: Bush Creates More Excuses Than Jobs

At a campaign stop in front of the Detroit Economic Club on wednesday, John Kerry announced he was "taking the gloves off" as he battles Bush in the final seven weeks of the election season:

[Kerry] rejected the White House's "perfect storm" explanation that recession, war and the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks caused tepid economic performance in the United States.

"The president wants you to believe that this record is the record of the victim of circumstances, the result of bad luck, not bad decisions," Kerry said in his speech. "Well, Mr. President, when it comes to your record, we agree -- you own it."

"His is the excuse presidency -- never wrong, never responsible, never to blame ... no, it's not our fault; no, there's nothing wrong; no, we can't do better; no, we haven't made a single mistake," Kerry said.

...The Democratic nominee underscored his hard-hitting broadside by writing in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal that "cleaning up President Bush's fiscal mess will not be easy."

He told the "Imus in the Morning" radio show, "I am absolutely taking the gloves off. I'm prepared to take them (the Bush team) on."

Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt dismissed Kerry's speech as a "dark view of the future" and said pessimism would not create jobs.

You know, they say that pessimism won't create new jobs and I suppose they're right. I mean, the Bush team knows a little something about not creating jobs, so I think we should trust their instincts on this. Kerry finished on a strong note:

"He chose and he chose and he chose and every single time it was middle-class Americans who paid the price," Kerry said. "George Bush accomplished all this in only four years. Imagine what he could do in another four years."

Kerry cited a litany of statistics -- job losses, 8 million Americans looking for work, 45 million without health insurance, 4.3 million more at the poverty level, 220,000 who could not afford to go to college last year, and a $1,500 decline in the average family's income.

"We know the truth," he said. "Nearly every choice has made it worse. You can even say that George Bush is proud of the fact that not even failure can cause him to change his mind."

Don't worry, the Bush campaign is fighting back. The issue being discussed: John Kerry's flub in citing famous "Lambeau Field" in Wisconsin:

At a campaign event last month, the Democratic presidential nominee called it Lambert Field -- a slip of the tongue carried on television, in papers throughout the state and on ESPN's Web site.

"I got some advice for him," Bush told Wisconsinites a few days after the Lambert gaffe. "If someone offers you a cheesehead, don't say you want some wine, just put it on your head and take a seat at Lambeau Field." Vice President Cheney made the obligatory pilgrimage to Green Bay last week to pile on. "I thought after John Kerry's visit here I'd visit Lambert Field," Cheney told a crowd at a Republican fundraising dinner Thursday night. Then he went in for the kill. "The next thing is he'll be convinced Vince Lombardi is a foreign leader."

This is great, because we all know Bush never eats cheese and wine. He's so down to Earth, he's probably a Miluakee's Best kinda guy. Important stuff, folks. Keep this in mind when you vote in November.
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