Nintendo DS Launch Verified

Thanks to the guys at Planet GameCube I've got the infor on the official launch details of the Nintendo DS. Here's the skinny:


Nintendo DS has a flip-top cover that protects both screens. Two speakers on the unit's face let users hear virtual surround sound, while its dual screens open games to a multitude of possibilities. Nintendo DS sits 148.7 millimeters (5.85 inches) wide, 84.7 millimeters (3.33 inches) long and 28.9 millimeters (1.13 inches) tall with the cover closed. The new media format for games means that Nintendo DS has no moving parts that could be misaligned if the unit is dropped or jarred.

Apparently Americans will get this device first, unlike most Nintendo products. As well, it appears it will come packaged with PictoChat, a built-in, wireless messaging program that makes it more than a gaming device as well as Metroid Prime Hunters: First Strike(screenshots), a "demo" of the upcoming Metroid Prime: Hunters that shows off multiplayer mode, but apparently doesn't involve any of the single-player story.

Wanna see what it looks like? Here's the device running PictoChat:

Certainly, I don't see myself using PictoChat very often, but it's a cool use for a device that isn't only about gaming. Lots more information is available over at Nintendo's official DS website.
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