OpEdNews Day 3 Recap

A bit late, but I just finished readin the OpEdNews.com Day 3 Recap and felt it was an excellent take on a sad, sad day for the Republican party. With Zell Miller blowing a gasket and Dick Cheney spouting lies, there was plenty to cover. There's a lot of good stuff in there, but his final conclusion struck me as important:

Joe Scarborough brought up the most salient point of the night. He was amazed that we are now three days through the Republican National Convention and it has all been about John Kerry. Scarborough concluded, “what does that tell us about what George Bush has done for the past four years”. What it tells us is that George W. Bush has absolutely no record to run on. What it tells us is Bush does not want you to look at your economy. He does not want you to look at your environment. He does not want you to look at your healthcare. He does not want you to look at education. He does not want you to look at the billions of dollars being made off of his war efforts, not coincidentally are all part of his good ole boy network.

No, he wants you to look at votes that John Kerry cast two decades ago. He wants you to believe the rhetoric, the spin, and the outright lies. He wants you to think that Kerry is indecisive, even in the light of his own horrible decisions. We have had two national conventions so far and all we have heard about is John Kerry. George Bush wants you not only scared of the terrorists, but he wants you to be afraid of John Kerry. Like a good magician, it is all misdirection...

Also of note, I'm not sure if he was kidding or not, but he said FOX is reportedly earmarking Zell as the "liberal" replacement for Alan Colmes on FOX's top show, Hannity and Colmes. Stunning.
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