Pikmin 2 == Pure Ownage

Since I was one of the few people who hyped the game, I thought I'd point out that Pikmin 2 has been certified AAA, as evidenced by this review at Gamespot. 9.2 isn't too shabby for a "niche" title like this. What makes the Pikmin series so endearing, to me anyway, is the excellent way in which it uses unrealistic characters in a photo-realistic environment. The graphics this time around are stunning, I have a hard time understanding how Gamespot gave them only an 8. The best part about the game is how it uses "violent" gameplay in a decidedly non-violent manner. Sure, your Pikmin die and you have to kill monsters, but the game is engaging without having to resort to ultra-violence like many tiles these days. Overall, it's just a fantastic gaming experience. I'm constantly wondering what wonderful treasure I will find next and it makes the game that much more fun. HIGHLY reccomended.

Just after the post I ran upon this great comic over at Penny Arcade.
Ok, ok, I have to give Jowey his props. How many people were really expecting this niche title to be a AAA exclusive this year? Not me, that's for sure.
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