US Iraq War Death Toll Tops 1,000

Today, several more soldiers were killed in fighting in Iraq, bringing the total death count over 1,000. John Kerry called it a "tragic milestone" in the Iraqi war, I call it an indication that this was the choice. Over 800 have died since President Bush claimed "Mission Accomplished", so obviously things aren't getting much better.

Paralells have been drawn to Vietnam, but some US troops in Iraq have turned down the comparison, saying 1,000 dead soldiers is just another number:

"Once in a while people make comparisons, but I don't think the majority of soldiers feel there are any similarities," said Quinn.

"We are winning the hearts and minds... It's nothing like Vietnam. We're still missing 60,000, 52,000 were killed. We've had 1,000 soldiers die, how can you make a comparison?"...

Certainly the numbers don't mimic Vietnam, but the situation does. A president who is bull-headed and given facts that Iraq had no WMDs says "What's the difference," proves that this is a war, like Vietnam that was ill-timed and unnecessary. Speaking of winning hearts and minds, I hope they're right. As it stand right now, things only seem to be getting worse.
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