Baseball Break

Quick note on my favorite sport, for those who care. I've made it my mission in life to watch every Cubs game I possibly can on WGN. First it was Harry Caray and Steve Stone keeping me company. Harry was different, but his play-by-play was exceptionally easy and fun to listen to. Steve Stone struck me as someone with an excellent eye for the game and an excellent vocabulary to boot. After Harry passed, Chip Caray joined the squad to fill his Grandad's shoes. Not only was he just as personable as Harry, he was even easier to listen to, being a good 40 years younger, perhaps. Chip's easy delivery was fresh and he was never afraid to be critical, much like Harry himself. Stoney was forced to leave the game thanks to health issues and Joe Carter joined Chip in the booth. Carter was serviceable, but none ever matched Stoney's presence. Several years later, Steve Stone returned to the booth last year. Finally, the Cubs had done it. They had an exceptional announcing crew and the team was only getting better. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Chip resigned amidst a minor scandal involving Stone, back in early October. At the time, Stone indicated he wanted to stay, since his heart was in Chicago, but it appears it wasn't meant to be. Stone, today, tendered his letter of resignation and a legion of Cubs fans are saddened by the news. The next Cubs broadcasters are yet to be announced, as the Cubs are apparently set to wait this one out.

Oh well, at least I can say congratulations to the Red Sox nation and hope that the Cubs can pull it out next year. Eamus Catuli.
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