Bush, Kerry Continue Dead Heat

Same old, same old the past few days. If I had enough time to make plenty of posts, as well as sufficient news, I'd post more. Frankly, there's not much to say. The race is close, we'll see what happens in less than 2 weeks. As a side note, please remember the Sinclair Anti-Kerry piece will run tomorrow night at 9pm. Please avoid watching all Sinclair stations at this time. Back to the "news", the AP has the race in a dead heat, but does list Kerry with a 3 point lead going into the weekend:

There has been little or no change since the first debate, when an uneven performance cost Bush the lead over Kerry. The AP-Ipsos Public Affairs poll illuminates how both sides hope to break the logjam — Kerry by appealing to voters' desire for a new direction and Bush by fanning their fears about the risks of change.

The target: about 17 percent of likely voters who say they're undecided or are tentatively backing a candidate while remaining open to changing their minds.

Kerry's total includes Warren Hutchinson, 55, of Dracut, Mass., who told AP-Ipsos he may switch to Bush. "There's an uneasy feeling that Kerry may not be tough enough on terrorism," he said.

Bush's total includes Mark Silva, 56, of Redding, Calif., who called Kerry "two-faced" and too liberal. "I guess we're stuck with Bush," he said.

A number of other surveys show the race tied or give Bush a slight lead nationwide. The presidency will go to whoever gets a majority of the 538 Electoral College votes, a state-by-state chase that is just as close as national surveys.

As many as 10 states are tossups and a dozen more in contention, including two traditionally Democratic states in which Kerry is clinging to single-digit leads — New Jersey and Hawaii.

John Kerry, too liberal? I'm sorry, I just don't see that. As for Kerry being "not..tough enough on terrorism," he was in law-enforcement (as an attourney) and he willingly fought in the Vietnam War twice. Just because he saw the injustice that occured and spoke out doesn't mean he's against war when war is merited. People are just scared silly, I suppose.
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