Debate Downloads

I'm a bit late in posting this, but I figured someone out there probably hasn't seen/heard the 2nd debate yet. As they did with the first one, Apple & Audible.com have offered the most recent debate for free download at iTunes. Props to MacWorld for the referring story. Just click here (if you have iTunes installed) to download the debate in full. Then, do whatever you'd like. Burn it to a CD(well, only an mp3 CD), upload it to your iPod or share it with your friends. I don't care what you do, but get it out. Of course, Bush doesn't seem quite as silly when can't see him all flustered, making faces and interupting Charles Gibson.

As well, here is the link to get the VP debate, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Listener note: the first debate is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch with Presidential debate #2 second and the VP debate was a bit boring. Just so you don't waste your time on something you don't actually want.
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