Kerry Is Endorsement King

Most every major newspaper has now endorsed one candidate or another. Not surprisingly, since this is an "intellectual" business, the majority of them have chosen the intellectual's choice for President: John Kerry. EditorandPublisher.com has the full story:

Today was the lull after the storm. On the day after "Super Sunday," when dozens of newspapers announced their picks for president, few editorials took a stand one way or the other. This gives us a chance to catch up on a few papers we missed over the weekend and in preceding days.

Today we add 16 names to our exclusive chart of editorial endorsements (see below), mainly smaller papers. President Bush picks up nine backers and Sen. John Kerry adds seven.

Kerry now leads Bush by 128 to 105 in total endorsements, and easily tops him in the circulation of the supporting papers by 16.9 million to 10.9 million.

Continuing a trend, one of Kerry's endorsees, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times in Texas, went for Bush in 2000. This gives the Democrat a rather startling 36 papers that have fled Bush, while the president has only picked up four papers that went for Gore in 2000. The Bush flip-flop total stood at two yesterday, but we have since found out that the Macomb Daily in Mount Clemens, Mich., and the Spartanburg Herald-Journal in South Carolina, both of which were already in our tally, are former Gore papers that now embrace the president.

Another paper that backed Bush in 2000, The Scranton Times in Pennsylvania, announced that its board was split 3-3 and it therefore would make no endorsement. That means that at least eight papers that supported Bush in 2000 have declared neutrality this year.

For details on all this, see our lengthy update from yesterday.

Bush's pickups added to our list today are: the New Haven (Conn.) Register; the Erie (Pa.) Times-News; The Town Talk in Alexandria, La.; The News-Herald in Willoughby, Ohio; the Herald & Review in Decatur, Ill.; The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle; the Argus Observer in Ontario, Ore.; and The Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho.

The new additions for Kerry are: The Herald in Everett, Wash.; The Keene (N.H.) Sentinel; the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and Longview News-Journal in Texas; The Times in Munster, Ind.; and the Times Herald (Port Huron) and Traverse City Record-Eagle in Michigan.

Unless I'm wrong, this is the lone update to the totals that has had Bush adding more names than Kerry. Too bad none of them are major publications. The story continues with the full rundown of paper's and endorsements. The totals:

128 newspapers total
16,898,024 daily circulation

105 newspapers total
10,903,849 daily circulation

While that number is good enough, consider what happens when you take out each candidates home state:

The Boston Globe (G): 452,109
Telegram & Gazette (Worcester) (B): 103,586
The Republican (Springfield): 84,694
The Standard-Times (New Bedford): 35,299

Houston Chronicle (B): 549,300
The Dallas Morning News (B): 546,177
San Antonio Express-News (B): 252,889
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (B): 247,167
Austin American-Statesman (B): 184,907
El Paso Times: 74,278
Amarillo Globe-News (B): 51,105


Kerry loses 675,688 in circulation. Bush loses 1,905,820.

That's a big chunk; Bush now sinks down to 9 million with Kerry still holding above 16 million. Looking at the battleground states, here's how Bush/Kerry did in Florida (27 electoral votes):

St. Petersburg Times (G): 358,502
The Miami Herald (G): 325,032
Orlando Sentinel (B): 269,269
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale) (G): 268,927
The Palm Beach Post (G): 181,727
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (G): 121,272
Daytona Beach News-Journal (G): 112,945
Florida Today (Melbourne) (G): 90,877
Bradenton Herald (B): 52,163

The Ledger (Lakeland) (B): 75,539
Ocala Star-Banner: 51,489

In Florida, Kerry has a large area of influence; his circulation total is 1,780,714. Bush's circulation is a paltry 127,028. Kerry has more than ten times the readership in Florida. Turning our attention to Ohio (20 electoral votes):

Dayton Daily News (G): 183,175
The Blade (Toledo) (G): 139,293
Akron Beacon Journal (G): 139,220

The Columbus Dispatch (B): 371,551
The Cincinnati Enquirer (B): 216,509
The Repository (Canton) (B): 66,014
The News-Herald (Lake County-Willoughby): 45,366
The Cincinnati Post (B): 40,618
The Times Reporter (New Philadelphia): 23,956
The Courier (Findlay) (B): 22,319
The Advocate (Newark): 22,217

Kerry gets 461,688 readers while Bush nets 808,550. The lead goes to Bush, but this isn't really close to Kerry's tenfold lead in FL. Turning our attention to Pennsylvania (21 EVs):

The Philadelphia Inquirer (G): 387,692
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (G): 245,065
The Philadelphia Daily News (G): 139,983
The Morning Call (Allentown) (B): 131,110
Centre Daily Times (State College): 25,354

Erie Times-News (B): 60,771
The Express-Times (Easton): 50,439
York Daily Record (G): 46,554
Altoona Mirror (B): 32,339

Kerry recovers from Ohio with a large margin here as well. 929,204 readers to 190,103, a rather substantial difference. Last, a glance at the endorsements from Wisconsin:

The Journal Times (Racine) (G): 29,264
The Wausau Daily Herald (B): 22,757

Oshkosh Northwestern (B): 21,748
The Chippewa Herald (Chippewa Falls) (B): 6,804

The Millwaukee Journal-Sentinel hasn't posted their endorsement yet, though I'm not sure if they plan on endorsing. In fact, judging by how few papers are listed, I'd assume most of the state's major papers haven't said anything of yet. The totals as they stand now, Kerry with 52,021 and Bush with 21,748. Close, but I can't imagine the papers are having much to do with the race, since most of them don't seem to be endorsing anyone at all.

I'll keep you updated on any further changes in the endorsement count. Until then, read here how the New Yorker enorsed a President for the first time. (hint: rhymes with "hairy")
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