More GOP Kerry Love

Daily Kos has the latest Republican who's throwing his support behind John Kerry. This time, surprisingly, it's ubercon Bob Smith, former Senator from New Hampshire. Here's the story and the quote follows:

As someone who worked with you daily for 12 years as a United States Senator, I am acutely conscious of the fact that we disagree on many important issues. Despite our differences, you have always been willing to engage in constructive debate in an effort to forge sound public policy.

I deeply respect your commitment to our nation and your patriotism which, I believe, was forged when you-like I-proudly wore the uniform of the United States Navy in Viet Nam...

Because of the courage and character you demonstrated in Vietnam, I believe you when you say that you'll do a better job than President Bush to win the peace in Iraq, as well as to win the war against terrorism.

President Bush has failed to restrain federal spending, sending our deficit spinning into the stratosphere. I well remember that you were one of a handful of Democrats who crossed the aisle to forge a bipartisan coalition in the Senate to balance the federal budget [...]

John, for each of these reasons I believe President Bush has failed our country and my party. Accordingly, I want you to know that when I go into the booth next Tuesday I am going to cast my vote for you. So will my wife, Mary Jo, and all three of my children: Jason, Bobby and Jenny.

Moreover, I will do all that I can to encourage my friends in New Hampshire and Florida to join me in supporting you.

The full endorsement is right here in .pdf format.

Daily Kos also runs a pretty extensive encyclopedia covering all things political. They happen to have running tallies of the following:

Republicans for Kerry (which includes Republicans who won't vote for Bush)

as well as

Democrats for Bush

It's a landslide victory. Bush's list even has no less than three guys from Mississippi (as if one wasn't enough), Zell Miller (there's a true blue democrat for you) and Zell's former Cheif of Staff. What a joke.
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