Who's Scaring Who?

Playing upon his campaign of fear, President Bush today proclaimed John Kerry could not protect our country:

President Bush (news - web sites) said Friday that the choice facing voters amounts to who can keep Americans safer from terrorists and that John Kerry (news - web sites) does not measure up. Kerry's campaign accused the president of resorting to fear-mongering out of desperation as the rivals exchanged accusations across battleground states.

"All progress on every other issue depends on the safety of our citizens," Bush told supporters in a sports arena in Wilkes-Barre, delivering a retooled stump speech that portrays Kerry as naive on terror and eager to raise taxes.

Kerry retorted that Bush had him wrong on both counts. "We need a president who defends America and who fights for the middle class at the same time," Kerry said in Milwaukee. "I guarantee you I will leave no stone unturned to protect this country I love."

Bush suggested his Democratic rival "does not understand the enemy we face and has no idea how to keep America secure." His campaign reinforced that theme with a new television ad with chilling imagery of prowling wolves in a dense forest. "Weakness attracts those who are waiting to do America harm," an announcer says.

Speaking of the ad, view "Wolves" here. If you pay attention you'll notice the problem is that it's "claims" aren't quite true on face value. In fact, John Kerry and the Democrats cut intelligence funding...along with Republicans. The vote came shortly after the original Twin Tower attack. You know, the car-bomb. The move, at the time, was considered an excellent one as it removed intelligence which had been used little since the end of the Cold War. As well, it might be noted that Kerry and "his democrats" can do very little without control of the Senate. It'd be awful hard to pass anything with 51 Republicans working against you.

The Democrats are getting quick on the draw. Quick like a fox, here's their response ad. You'll notice one difference between the two ads. One depends on fear. The other simply plays up a key point: the Bush Campaign has failed to take their head out of the sand and own up to their mistakes. As well, the Kerry ad is "uplifting" in that it asks America to consider re-evaluating the direction we are headed in and think about a new one. Excellent response.

I don't like either ad all that much, but I think most people will agree the Kerry ad is way more persuasive. Well, unless you're someone who's still scared of wolves.
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