Deepest Apologies

For the FEW who actually come here expecting something recent, pertinent, etc, I'm sorry for the severe lack of updates lately. Seems I'm in a bit of a post-electoral funk. Well, not exactly. First of all, it seems rather fruitless to post negative information about Bush, since the war gets worse by the day and he isn't campaigning and trying to improve his image every five minutes. You can see what an incompetent, horrid mess we've created. As well, I've got a few things taking my mind from blogging. I still hit up the internet, but when it comes to posting, I'm a perfectionist. I want only the best on my blog. Being as such, I have a few things taking my mind off of that sort of thing. Namely, games like Mario Tennis and Paper Mario are taking up a good chunk of my limited spare time. Also, anyone who knows me personally knows I happen to work at Target. And anyone with half a brain knows that this is the busiest time of the year for someone who runs the electronics department at a major retailer. Video games are booming and we're looking for a record year, especially in that regard.

I'd like to take time to note that both Sony and Microsoft seem to be having trouble getting consoles to our stores, no one in the Memphis/Upper MS area has a PS2 in stock, but Nintendo keeps putting the GCNs in the store. While they aren't exactly blowing out, as more and more people realize it's the only thing they can find, reasonably, and that it's cheaper and comes with a $50 game, they're jumping on it.

Anyway, back to posting, I'll try my best to do better later this week. Hopefully I'll start a few reviews(game/music/movie/otherwise) in the next week or so. In the meantime, here's a mini-review:

If you love Pixar, you'll love The Incredibles. The pre-movie feature is an incredibly inspired, catchy bit about a sheep that can't get any love and the jackalope that gave him a new leash on life. I'm still unsure whether jackalopes actually exist or not, but the story has a lovely moral message and was by far Pixar's best pre-movie picture, other than "For The Birds." Anyway, the Incredibles is fun, hilarious, intelligent and just a warm film. Every time I see a Pixar film I think it's about the best ever, but this one might take the cake, at least for non-Toy Story 2 flix(we all know that's the best one). The story takes a few unexpected twists and even winds up leaving room for a sequel(which I long for), something the Pixar guys have proven they can do admirably as well. I give it an easy 4 out of 4 stars, but consider docking it 1/2 a star because it doesn't have the awe-inspiring detail as much as some other Pixar movies. The effects of water and other natural conditions is more evident than ever before, but it didn't look quite like I'd wanted it. Of course, once it's out on DVD and I see it in hi-res on a TV, I'm sure I'll enjoy it more, but the story alone is worth the price of admission. This may be their highest grossing film ever and it's most certainly the most marketable. The game has been selling quite well so far, despite only mediocre ratings, and the toys aren't half bad either. See it.

Anyway, I've got one more post up my sleeves, hang around and you can check it out. I'll try and get a few important things up tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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