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Work keeps me busy this weekend, so I've not found much time to post. I will do my best to put up Sunday that which I'd planned for Friday. What's that, you ask? Perhaps it's a "conspiracy theory," but much has been made of how exit polls were "wrong" in certain states. Those same states used Diebold paperless E-voting machines. Word is starting to get out about some "anomalies" and perhaps a few outright injustices that have occured. Much to discuss, I'll fill you in.

On the in between, here's a few words from my pal Mr. P in Chi-town, responding to the story about our Rabbi friend:

My One Crazy Jew comment was a little longer than 300 characters so i
thought i'd send it direct. I hate preaching to the choir, but i wanted to
give my written thoughts to somebody. It's a little rough and scattered, but
its from the gut. George Bush's "signature issue" was I can do anything I want and no one can stop me. The millions in Europe and Canada were mobilized to encourage America to put in a president who would be a part of the world not an
"if you're not with us, you're against us," style person. The leader 49%
of Americans wanted to dump was a liar and deciever willing to risk other
people's lives on a baseless and unfounded reason for invading a
country and removing a government. When it comes to genocide and tyrants this
administration had difficulty and equivalence eventually reaching the conclusion that the brutality in Darfur was genocide. Lets not pretend that [our] "friends" in Saudi Arabia are not the biggest autocratic tyrants left in the middle east; even Iran has elections. The number one reason people say they re-elected George Bush was because of morality. I've taken a few ethics course, was raised by bright, caring parents, and have spent many hours reading the Bible in depth and I can't grasp how George Bush is the "moral choice." Should I teach my children that lying and deceiving a country to rush into a baseless and aggressive war that further destabilizes the most unstable region in the world and subjects my brother and sister Americans in the military to unnecessary dangers and stress is moral? Keep in mind this is a war many Christian leaders outside of the US called illegal. Should I teach them that it is moral for a government to ignore the needs of the poor, to ignore the health needs of the average and poor American, and to attempt to cripple any hope of retiring before 70? Is it moral to underfund and then abandon through vouchers the public education system upon which our hope for the future is based, all the while blaming teachers and administrators for not stretching a buck further? These are the "moral" truths George Bush represents not just in principle but in practice too. The representation of the Bush and his ilk as "the man of God" is the reason so many others
who speak of God are greeted with hatred. How can you speak of this being a
moral mandate and a moral country when it is in such disrepair and urgent
need of a deep moral overhaul in which those valuing Christ's morals care for and
love all their neighbors, give out of compassion and abundance, care for the
poor, be the blessed peacemakers, seek out those hurting spiritually, hold
fellow christians accountable for sexual immorality, greed, lying, drunkeness,
cheating while remembering that we would have to abondon the world to
escape from those with the God given and constitutionally given freedom not to
agree with you on all these issues. I will end this diatribe by saying I
heartily agree with the rabbi when he says,"But both right and left certainly
agree that it is wrong for a man to get a woman pregnant and leave her. So
let us at work together on ending the culture of irresponsible male womanizing
which leads to the issue of abortion coming up in the first place." And i
will say that despite my sense of pessimism and doubt I hope W proves me wrong
and establishes a stable government in Iraq so we can leave, provides a
feasible long term solution to health insurance and social security, and
establishes a dominant educational system. This is my hope and prayer.

Exceptional words from an exceptional man. If only those on the right were capable of stringing together such powerful thoughts, perhaps they could get more than a minor-majority...
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